• helping technology investors make informed decisions
  • helping technology investors make informed decisions
  • helping technology investors make informed decisions

Creating Value in the Process

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about us

Our mission is to provide our clients with timely, actionable information to support technology investment decisions. The Militus team is experienced in mobile/cloud technology and agile development. Just as importantly, we are highly skilled in feature and performance scaling and software reliability engineering.


We start by making sure we understand the purpose and scope of the evaluation and then balance your need for speed and cost-efficiency against the importance of a thorough assessment . We manage the technology evaluation process for maximum insight and minimal intrusion. You can assume that we observe strict confidentiality.


The Militus value proposition is built upon providing: accurate and timely analysis of software and the teams who build it, test it, and support it. We also evaluate their engineering practices and operations that support hosted services while providing real metrics and judgment based on years of experience in commercial ventures.


Our Systems Oversight Service provides a team of operations experts who manage a company’s technology architecture throughout its lifecycle from startup to exit. We can also provide a team to manage and supervise (mentor) a company. This allows clients to focus on building their core technology platform, while we reduce their operational risk and maximize the value of the company.


Militus conducts preliminary (prior to an offer sheet) assessments and Pre-closing assessments. Preliminary assessments typically require 2-5 days, Pre-closing assessments generally require more detailed investigation and analysis, often including code reviews and customer reference checks and usually take three calendar weeks or longer.

our team

The Militus Team is comprised of a group of highly experienced technology executives, most of whom worked at Bell Labs. Experts in all aspects of computer technology including iOS and Android mobile apps and full stack cloud development (LAMP, MEAN, RoR). Our experience varies from web eCommerce startup ventures to Wall Street trading algorithms and work on classified government computer systems.

Team Member

paul manley

ceo & founder

Serial entrepreneur (Flexlite Inc); Retired Air Force Colonel (Squadron Commander, Pentagon Div Chief-Future Concepts); Director Business Development-Boeing Missile Defense, L-3 Classified Space, Top Secret Security Clearance; BS- US Air Force Academy, MS-National War College

Team Member

jim weythman


Software Engineer/ Bell Labs- twenty-five years of experience in building and operating real-time distributed systems. Led teams that designed and deployed large-scale systems for AT&T’s Global network. Expertise in self-healing networks- distributed computing. Past president of IntegraSolv- software to monitor and control critical services and applications of global financial firms, early stage startup Mobile Advertising.

Team Member

dr bruce cameron


Dr Bruce Cameron is a Partner with Cameron Industries, and an associate of Militus Group. He earned his PHD from MIT and is currently a Faculty member where he teaches technology strategy and system architecture. He has been an executive adviser to forty technology firms and entities including Dell, Nokia, Amazon and NASA. He is the coauthor of System Architecture: Technology, Strategy and Product Development for Complex Systems.

Team Member

lisa hy


Lisa Hy is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design and the prestigious New York Academy of Art. Lisa has over 10 years experience in both creative endeavors and marketing including Herman Miller and technology marketing and operations with Radar Logic, a startup technology-driven data and analytics business that produces a daily "spot" price for residential real estate in major U.S. metropolitan areas.

Team Member

mitch bass


Over twenty years of experience building mission-critical software systems for Bell Laboratories. He developed very high performance programming environments that were used widely across AT&T in key network systems. Former Vice President of IntegraSolv which builds and sells software to monitor and control mission-critical services and applications of global financial firms.

Team Member

nick lehman


18+ years programming experience, iOS & Android App development, expert Web and distributed systems, early stage startup Mobile Advertising, 6 Years Bell/ATT Labs, early employee of technology startup IntegraSolv-worked real time monitoring at global financial firms including Goldman Sachs: designed and implemented Social Network Services for Command and Control for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)



jim manley

Chairman Atlantic Pacific Capital

“The Militus Team performed a fast and thorough evaluation of a company’s technology at a critical point in our investment decision process. Their report allowed us to make the correct call. Subsequent events have validated the accuracy of their analysis.”

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